We just got an update on Frankie.  Our files are still stuck in the Mayors office and thus we still wait to be entered into IBESR.  It’s ok.  We really do know that we are not in control of this process and we just have to trust God with our journey.  I have to keep saying that because it’s an easy thing to say but another thing to live out.  We are trying to live it out the best that we can.  We also know that Maranatha is doing everything they can and so thus we will continue to wait and pray that our files get entered soon.

Here are a few pictures of Frankie maybe taken today???  I think he’s changed so much since I saw him in January.  It does not surprise me because Izzie is in a stage right now where she is changing a lot too.  This first picture is my favorite since when I was with him, he just loved playing with the chalk.  This gave me the biggest smile tonight. Nothing better than seeing my sweet boy loving him some chalk.



If you ever wonder how you can pray for us right now…. would you please pray specifically for our papers in the Mayors office and that the lawyer who is not the least bit inclined to do what he is supposed to do would wake up one morning and decide to make it happen and not have any excuses not to.  And please pray for Junior who handles the paperwork for Frankie and all the other kids at Maranatha….  would you pray that  God will encourage Junior, and that He will give Junior favor in the eyes of every person with whom he works so that the adoptions can continue to move forward?

Thanks everyone who continues to read my blog from time to time.  We all have our journey’s we are on and I know our family really appreciates all the prayers and support for our journey with Frankie.  Much Love…….