I am so mad. frustrated. annoyed. disappointed. discouraged. mad.

I can’t run right now.  Dave got home from work and I was all set to go and made it to the front of the neighborhood and had to stop.  I can’t run right now.  My one foot and even my other is sending major pain every time it strikes the ground.  I can tolerate a lot of things and I’m not a wimp but I seriously can’t run on my feet right now.

I just started running 6 weeks ago.  I finally got to a place of enjoyment.  Last week I did 4/2/4 and then a 6 mile long run on Saturday and woke up Sunday and could bareley walk.  It’s not Thursday and it’s still killing me.   Is it my shoes?  Did I run too long on a slanted road?  Do I keep running through it?  How long do I sit out?  Will I loose all the ground I’ve made?  Half is coming up April 18th and I don’t need this right now.

I love my husband.  He asked if I would feel better if he would skip his run tonight.  I said, “oh would you?”  I hate being behind!  Now I feel bad… Not really..  🙂  I’ve had some advice but feel free to leave me some.

 – I have good shoes, was fitted for them.

 – I’m having pain in the side of my foot and heal area when it strikes the pavement.

 – been icing it and taking advil.