I think that is the theme of today.  Frankie had a fun time swinging and so did I.  Spending time with Frankie is has really been amazing.  I’ve really enjoyed watching him as he interacts with his nannies and friends.  And then I’ll step in and try to get his attention as well.  It’s a real act of swinging for me too.  I was able to bring him back to the house I am staying at for the afternoon.  We played a bit, got sticky together eating our lolly pops… (that was a big hit), took a swim in a pool..(he loved that) gave him a Haitian bath as I like to call it (cups of cold water over the head) sat and cuddled for a video and then ate dinner together before heading back to the boys home.  You know all the things moms do with their kids.


It is weird just visiting.  Trying to find the balance between letting him keep on his schedule and then trying to take time for myself.  Having our two worlds collide when in just a few days he goes back to his normal while I head back to mine as we wait the long wait.  I love that I get to be Frankie’s mom.  He has started calling me “ma ma”.  And thus all the boys at the boys home think that is my name so they all call me ma ma.  I keep telling him about 100 times a day…. “I love you Frankie Rhodes.  I love you.  Mama loves you.” He started saying back tonight… I love you, repeating my English words.  One day I know that these words will really change from a “saying” to words of truth seared on his heart.  Because that in fact is the truth.  We love you Frankie Rhodes and are honored that God has started this journey for you to become part of our family.  I’m thrilled I get to see your daily life at this stop on our journey together.  They are cherished times.