15 years ago?  It was the summer of my junior year in High School.  I took a trip to Haiti with an organization from a nearby town in upstate New York.  I had never been out of the country.  My first trip to Haiti changed my life forever.  Liciajust posted this post (I’m including the entire post here as well.)  Haiti changed me.  It was the most eye opening place I’ve ever visited but to this day one of the most enchanting and beautiful places as well.  If you have never been to a third world country my desire for you no matter what age you are now that you do it.  Just one time.  Let the expereince change you.  Let it show you how un-normal your life really is.  Haiti for almost 15 years has haunted me in a really good way.  There is a reason that this past May on our trip that 4 couples from that trip are now in the adoption process….  The Parkers, The Ivey’s, The Hyatts, us.  And others like Crystal have already been back to serve.  It changes you.

I’m celebrating my 33rd birthday tomorrow.  (that dreaded post will come tomorrow)  I should be excited that I am 33 years young.  But the thirties have hit me hard.  In my mind I think that my life is just passing me by.  I have so many things that I have yet to do and wonder if I’ll ever attempt to even start them.  Do you ever feel like that?  Needless to say,  tomorrow will come and go but it’s always the glaring constant reminder to me that there are so many things that we can all do so that Hope Sees, Faith Moves, Love Gives.  And seeing other people’s journey’s.  Being able to see Haiti through other people’s eyes like Licia’s keep me going and daring to believe that this very abnormal life of mine can have maximum impact in the life of others both near and far to me.


From Licia – One a recent walk in the village I took a picture of this little girl.  She is five years old and was making food for her and her siblings.  She lit the fire by herself and was making something for them to eat.  There were no adults around and when I asked the kids  told me the yhad went to the local openair market to sell their produce from the gardens.  This is how my first son was burned.  Exactually–bending down to blow on the fire to get it going.  His shirt caught on fire. 



These are the kids that are waiting on her to fix the food.  She was also watching them until the parents got back from the market.  I talked with a few people around the house and when I asked why a adult was not there, they laughed.  You see this is what is expected of her.  She does it daily, weekly, monthly for her siblings.  They were not laughing at me to be cruel, they were laughing because this is reality for them.  No stove to cook on, no running water, no nice green grass to run in and play, no toys, no pop tarts, no snacks, no floor just dirt, no pretty pink bedroom with everything matching, no …um wall to the side of the house,  you get the idea. 


I do not tell you this to feel sorry for them.  I do not want you say that is so sad.  These kids are happy.  They love their parents, the parents love them.  I want you to come and let Haiti change you.  I want you to realize that your life is not normal.  That is not how most of the world lives.  You do not need running water, ice, a soft bed, and things to make you happy.  You need love.  You need some to care about you.  When you go and visit a third world country, which you all should, let Jesus come out of you and go into the people.  Do not go to change them, let them change you into what God desires you to be.  Let them see Him in you.  Love them like He would.  Care for them like He would.  What an opportunity we have to show His love to some that seem unlovely to us.  I’m waiting on you?  Are you ready to be changed?