What a sweet time these past few days of celebrating the birth of Jesus.  All of our family is now here in the upstate.  We had an amazing day today full of festivities.  It was wonderful watching the girls get behind the spirit of giving.  We took Emma to the dollar store this year and she picked out gifts for people.  The things she chose and why were priceless.  Who knew a dollar could bring a gift of so much joy in the giving and receiving.

Nana got Emma an American Girl doll.  She’s talked about it for a few years and it was precious to watch her enjoy her gift.  Izzie got a baby doll as well that she loves.  She also really enjoyed the Chocolate this year.  She had a great “active” day.  And my sweet husband….  we had such a great day today enjoying some surprises here and there but I think we both just enjoyed this year through the eyes of our kids.

And yes something was missing this year.  It was very evident that Frankie was absent from our family.  The whole day felt off.  We enjoyed getting some pictures of him today of his celebration and festivities in Haiti.  I can’t wait to go spend some time with our handsome little man here very soon.

We are just so thankful for family this year.  For the heart that gives as well as receives.  For the precious gift of life from our Father…. Jesus.

Emma’s Joy:


Izzie’s Joy:


Frankie’s Joy: