We are heading to North Myrtle Beach on Saturday for a much anticipated family vacation.  This will be the third year to do this and we can’t wait.  We love going during the first week of September because all the kids are back to school and things there are peaceful and quite.  Yes, Emma has started school this year but she’s already missing some days.  We just decided that we are not going to let the public school dictate our family times together.  We are respectful of it but it won’t hold us back.  Dave is gone all summer so it’s special to be able to find time at the end of the summer travel to get together with our extended family.

I can’t wait to sit and watch the ocean, hear the waves put me to sleep at night, ride the lazy river for hours each day, walk the beach, build sand castles with the girls, play an outlandish amount of putt putt, have some fun date nights with my hubby and sister and brother in law. 

Here is a picture from our first year at the beach in 2006.  I was major prego at the time…oh my!  But look at this clan.  We have a lot of fun together. 

And last year, floating on the lazy river…..  One of the funniest memories was seeing great papa get on the lazy river and flip.  Well funny for us watching but not funny for him.

I’ll fill you in next week on our daily activities.  But until then, I’ve got to go and pack for vacation!  Oh yeah…stay away hurricanes please!