This evening I dropped off Emma for VBS #5 of the summer.  Before you go thinking I’m some crazy mom… Emma just loves VBS so I do my best to try and find them for her so she can go.  We’ve been to all sorts of them this summer.  Small ones where she was 1 of 5 kids in attendance.  An outdoor one which she just loved and others.  But tonight is special because she is attending the VBS at our church.  I WAS SO PROUD of our church tonight when I walked in.  They have done an amazing job with decorating and creating this wonderful fun environment.  It’s the first time in 7 years of attending Crossroads that Emma has gone.  We are always out of town when they have it so I was so glad we were in town this week.  I’ll have to admit I felt pretty bad dropping her off and not being a parent/church attender who helped out this week.  I had intentions of doing so but to be honest… I’m barely surviving the single mom at home right now so to add a VBS with Izzie in tow and Dave gone just was not doable for me this time around.  Hopefully soon I”ll be able to plug in somewhere. It’s just the realities of our summer.  So hopefully she’s having a great time right now and Izzie and I are getting some quality time tonight just her and I.