This has been such a blah week this week.  Can’t put my finger on it but to say I feel and am totally un expressional would be an understatement.  I’m tired of the summer travel schedule with Dave, nights alone at home are getting old.  Don’t feel like starting a project that normally keeps me busy.  The kids are eager to get out and about but the 100 degree heat has us not doing anything fun.  Blah.  That is all it has been.  And in that blah is so much “un peace” about everything.  Is “un peace” even a word to be typed?

So I’m cleaning up our back patio this afternoon and in floats this gigantic, huge, beautiful butterfly I have ever seen.  I’ve maybe seen one that large and beautiful at a butterfly museum but never have seen anything like it anywhere around here.  And such peace came over me as I looked at it’s beauty.  I sat there a few minutes wondering what it all means… searching for a lot of meaning to things as well these days.  And tried to get my camera to get a picture to show all of you but as soon as I returned of course it flew off.

But looking at this butterfly brought so much peace to me in the moment.  Peace in the midst of so many uncertain questions.