Our family has been in town for the past 10 days so that is the reason for no posts!  I’m trying to think of a time in our 10 years of marriage where Dave and I have been busier than we currently are right now.  Can not think of a time.  So here are some blog titles for you if I could have blogged.

  • In Laws in town for 10 days and I survived!
  • Dave,  6 camps down and 3 to go.
  • Happy birthday men! (My father in law… my dad… and dave all celebrate birthdays within a week of each other.)
  • Emma is on her 4th bible school this week.  We are making the rounds this summer!
  • Adoption, Dossier, Decisions – Please keep us in your prayers.
  • Two little girls learn a valuable lesson on life. (Kayleigh my 6 year old sister in law and Emma found a baby birds nest under our mailbox.  They removed it, played with the little birds who looked like they were just born, the mother rejected them, they died and two little girls learned a valuable lesson on life.  I still can’t talk about it.)
  • Bubble Tea – It’s fantastic! (Thanks Courtney!)
  • Ambien and Kim don’t mix! (Took an ambien this week.  First time ever to do that and I don’t remember half of the next day.  Um, won’t be doing that again.)

How about that for some blog titles!!!!