Emma is a treasure collector.  It does not matter what it is, if it’s shiny it’s a treasure and it goes in her plastic Cinderella treasure box.   She’ll find a washer or a screw or a piece of glass in the road and it goes in the treasure box.   Little rhinestones that fall off of a costume or beads from a broken necklace.. It’s precious treasure to her.

Recently I have been missing some of my jewelry.  Ever hear of Emily Ray?  Well her stuff is fabulous and you can normally find it in boutiques that sell Brighton etc.  Well “THE” EMILY RAY is from good old Spartanburg, SC.  Since her home office is here, they always do an outlet the first weekend of every month.  I’ve gotten some great deals on great things in the past years from there.  I have some items that are called Hoopla.  They are gems that you can put on any kind of hoop earrings.  They come in all colors. I love them and in the past 6 months I’ve been missing two of my sets.  Figured I just misplaced them or left them somewhere.  I’ve been known to do this.  But I have looked for them everywhere and had given up a month ago on ever finding them.

Well with Emma being gone this week I’ve been doing some extra cleaning around the house and you’ll never guess what I found?  Yup my hoopla in her treasure box.  Hmm… that little stinker.  It gave me a good laugh!

Emma’s Treasure Box:
 Treasure Box

Look What I Found!:
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