I swear I have one of these days every month or so.  Am I the only one who has these kind of days or thoughts?  The days where you go, “you know it could all be over for me at any second of any day.”  I don’t think I’m a morbid person but I have these thoughts more often than not.  Maybe today those thoughts came because  as I turned on the local morning news I heard the following….

  • Spartanburg High School football player drowned yesterday as his team was having a cookout at the lake.
  • 32 year old mother and child died last night in a local fire
  • Body of missing Greenville girl from last week, found in a house.  Investigators still working through what might have happened.
  • Mother of 5 is stabbed to death as a robber was trying to mug her as she was heading into a store.
  • Man struck by lightning this week and just happens to live.

So I say all of that because I am well to aware once again that my life here on Earth could be over at any second of any day.  So I think that is why I personally am so passionate about mission and life.  At leaste I try to be.  So as I sit here this morning and do my questions that I always do as I reflect on things here is what I want to share with you.

  • Love what you are doing.    If not,  find something you love doing.  Don’t waste your life doing something you don’t love. 
  • Make the most of each day with your family, friends, and children. 
  • Invest in other people dreams, your friends, your community, your family, your kids. 
  • Risk and Dare.  Don’t let time, money, funding, situations, cause you from not doing what you are called to do.
  • Dream and do it!  Don’t wait till later.  Do it now. 
  • Be a Person of Great Faith  – Because Faith is hearing the voice of God, and trusting the heart of God enough to act on what you have heard.