We have had such a wonderful “family weekend.”  Dave got home late Friday night and the girls we so excited to see daddy sleeping in our bed when they woke up Saturday morning.  We had lots of morning laughs yesterday as the level of energy around here was at it’s max.  We headed off to an early lunch in Greenville and enjoyed our favorite pizza place and then walked to get our ice cream.  Izzie was back home in time for a nap while Emma enjoyed a dip in Nana’s pool.

Last night “Uncle Vegas” aka David Reichley came over to watch the girls while Dave and I headed out for a date.  David is Courtney’shusband.  Courtney  and the kids are currently up in Pittsburgh with her family and David is here working.  He’s a big famiy guy and it’s funny watching him not to know what to do with himself as his family is away.  So he’s offering to come and hang out with our kids.  He’s crazy but we really enjoyed getting a date night.

When we got home all three of us watched “The Great Debaters.” What a great moving that was.  Dave and I really enjoyed it.  It’s amazing all the stories out there that have never been told.  Did I mention we really enjoyed this movie?

Tomorrow, Dave heads back out to camp.  This time he will be at a Student Life for Kids camp in Talledega, AL.  He is taking Emma with him.  She has been talking about “camp with dad” since last summer.  When she came home last summer she looked like this….  Needless to say she can’t wait to get on the road tomorrow!