There is one place in the USA that I would dare to say holds on their menu one of my favorite meals.  It’s a little place called Dixie Crossroads.  They have the world famous Rock Shrimp.  I swear it tastes like small bites of Lobster.  I have been known to throw back 4 dozen in one sitting.  Today I just had one dozen since their prices seemed to have jumped just a bit from the last time we were there.  But I savored every bite! So if you are ever passing through Titusville, FL make the stop and you won’t regret it!

Izzie is not sure of what to make of the Rock Shrimp!:

This is Rock Shrimp… I know but it’s really good…I promise!
Daytona Beach 003

Feeding the Fish:
Daytona Beach 005

Daytona Beach 006