Emma is attending VBS this week so Izzie and I have been having some great one on one time in the evenings before she gets home.  You don’t realize how much you don’t get to have that time when all your children are around so I’ve really been trying to be intentional this week with our time together.  She’s been taking off with her vocabulary in leaps and bounds and this stage/age is just so much fun.  Right now her favorite book is “I Love my Mommy Because”.  I would like to say she likes it because it talkes about why you love your mommy but I think she likes it because there are lots of pictures of animals in it.  She loves this book so much that she insists on going to bed with it every night.  Tonight as I was tucking her in, she managed to cuddle the book up under her and basically is using it as a pillow.  Um, hard cover book on your head all night  = terrible sleep you would think.  But that is what she is doing.  As I walked out of her room tonight I just had to smile.  I cherish these days because I am well too aware that they are slipping away from me!