We got up at 6am today to leave for church.  So how did we get there?  We climbed a mountain.  We took a 2 hour journey up the side of the mountain.  I about died but I made it.  We went back 2 hrs to the town of Petit Bwa.  Again did I mention that I about died?  There were 4 donkeys that went with us.  When I about died, they were all occupied so I did not actually ride a donkey but let me say that I would have.  Once there we were greeted with Bread, Cheese and Coffee.  They also had water there for us that arrived late.  It was late because they followed us up the mountain…(they were behind us) but they made it carrying 50+pounds of water.  People go up and down this mountain everyday.  I don’t know how they do it but they do.  I’m not sure if I could ever do it again.  Ramblin Rose group….  I’ve trained and I’m ready now for October.  But this is how they get to market.  Lots of people live up in the hills of Haiti.

The church service was 2 hrs.  Lots of singing and then Troy actually gave a message.  From what I can tell there is a lot of division in Haitian churches from denomination stuff and outward appearance stuff.  I would really love to research more on this because it fascinates me.  And here is another one of my opinions about this county.  White people can’t come in here and meet spiritual needs until they meet physical needs.  The last thing they need is us coming in and preaching a Jesus to them and leaving.  That is why things like Lifeline and the RC center are making such impact.  They are meeting needs and in the middle of that they are showing people Jesus.  

It’s great that we are here.  Did I say that already?  Really puts life in perspective.  Did I say that already?  Tomorrow we head back to the orphanage that we delivered rice to on Saturday.  We are going to paint their walls.  It’s MUCH needed .   So now that my legs had a great workout today it will be good to balance that with my arms tomorrow.