The days here are long!  Maybe because our day starts at 4:45AM when the roosters crow.  Today we walked up to the top of the complex here and were able to get a good overlook at the surrounding area.  Haiti is a beautiful place.  Then we took a walk through the town that lifeline is located in.  As soon as we left the compound gates the kids came running and walked with us.  Both my hands stayed occupied with little hands.  We walked through the village.  I can’t even do justice to what I saw so I won’t attempt to explain it.  I want to honor the culture here and the way of life and at the same time want to express and share to the typical American who has no clue as to the conditions of people here in Haiti or any third world country for that matter. 

This afternoon we went to the market.  Um… this was a first for me and a last in Haiti.  I’ve seen enough raw meat from every animal that I can think of that I may become a vegetarian.  After the market we went to an orphanage and this has left me here thoughtless for the evening.  Again I want to honor and respect those who are trying to take care of these kids but I am really struggling with the conditions that these children are in.  I just saw a bunch of Izzie’s and they all need mammas and someone to just make sure they are ok.  They live in rooms of kids and all just want to be held.  One great thing is that we were able to deliver bags of rice and beans to them that we bought.  With the whole team we were able to buy 2000.00 worth of food for different places here.  We will deliver it in the next 3 days.  Thanks again for all of you who gave money to go towards this.

As each and every moment of this trip happens I am just sitting in reflection… understanding just a bit in the moment  of how I was just changed but then wondering how these events are going to effect the next 10 years of my life.