I woke up early this morning.  Before the sun was out.  The kids were still sleeping (shocker) and I just layed in bed thinking about today and the meaning that Easter has to me.  I noticed the sun just starting to make its way up so I went to our breakfast table and watched the sun rise.

My dad was a pastor when I was growing up.  Every Easter Sunday meant a busy time for our family full of Easter services.  One thing my dad always did was to have a sunrise Easter Service.  I never actually attended it but he did faithfully every year.  So this morning I was just watching the beauty of the sun as it made it’s way through the clouds and how it in minutes brightened our world.  And thoughts raced through my mind of childhood, my life, my children, my faith.

You see for me Easter represents the cornerstone in my faith.  It effects every decision that I’ve basically ever made.  It is the foundation of my marriage, my family, my life.  The fact that Jesus did what he did on the cross and then was not defeated by death but rose again and conquered death means that my life has purpose and meaning.  He is alive and that is the hope that I have that gets me through the good times and the challenging hard times that I don’t understand.  It is what we give our lives to.  What is at the bottom of each mission, journey, adventure our family ever embarks on.

The girls received their Easter Baskets this morning with a few special things from mom and dad.  However as much fun as we have with them in joining in their child imagination we never forget the real reason for our holidays and are hopefully through our actions and words we are laying a wonderful foundation for them to one day with their own decision truly understand and grasp the meaning of the cross and Resurrection.  I hope one day my girls wherever they are in their journey will be constantly be awakened and stirred to embrace the Sun Rise that is continuing to call their name.