So Yesterday was in my terms the perfect day.  Dave and I both had off of work so we decided to have a family day.  It started out by me being able to sleep in till 10.  Maybe that was why I thought the day was starting so well!  When kids get up at 6:30 or should I say when Izzie gets up at 6:30 each day, by the end of the week no wonder I am tired!  So I got some much needed rest.  We all got ourselves ready,  had lunch and then Emma and Dave headed to the New Dr Sues movie (which Dave said was one of the best kids movie’s he’s seen) while Izzie and I ran some final Easter Bunny Errands.

We then headed back home and spent the rest of the afternoon outside.. .running and playing in the yard.  Dave mowed for the first time this year while the girls and I did our favorite… took care of all of our beds around our house.  This is the first time that Izzie has been able to be outside and do her own thing as well as help me.  This time last year she was still very immobile and on all fours.  We had Pizza for dinner and then the girls got a major bubble bath.  To bed they went and Dave and I topped our evening with a movie and a great glass of our new favorite wine. 

This morning came again just as early but I felt so much more rested.  Today we are heading with the Reichley and Norris families down to the Reedy river park for a nice picnic lunch and let the kids run around.  It is going to be another beautiful perfect day to day here again. 

So off to get things prepared for that.  Hope everyone is off to a great weekend!