I’m taking the whole EBay thing very slow due to lack of time and my need to actually find good deals to sell but I am happy to announce that I told my second item on eBay for a profit.  Emma and I talked last night about what to do with the money.  She knows that I am going to Haiti in May so as her part in helping mommy go we are going to keep shopping and selling things together and the money we make we are going to go together and buy as much of the following supplies that are needed where I will be going. 

–tubes of Hydrocortisone ointment, 1% or 2.5%

–tubes of anti-fungal creams/ointments (for example,
Clotrimazole/Lotrimin, Miconazole, etc)

–Silvadene burn cream (the generic name is silver sulfadiazine)

–Infant gas relief drops (Mylicon or the generic version, Simethicone)

–Saline nasal spray for infants/children

–Adaptec burn dressings

So if you look at this list and run across a good deal on these items at a drug store or other store let me know so I can go out and bulk shop. 

So that is what we are doing with all of our profit from now until I leave in May and then after that we will keep finding random places to give to where we see a need.

It amazes me that this last item sold.  When I listed it there were a lot of items like it for sale and a lot of them cheaper than what my starting asking price but in the end it sold. Everytime I see a “you’ve been paid” email I get so excited.  That’s just more money to give away!

Happy Monday everyone!