Well it is official.  Tomorrow I will have sold my first ever item on eBay.  I’ve always purchased things from there but never sold anything. (By the way people are brutal on first time sellers and you not having feedback.  Everyone has to start there right?)We have a pottery barn outlet about 35 miles from our home and I go there about once every 2 months to look around.  Last weekend Emma and I went. I was needing some picture frames for a project I was working on.  While I was there I found this King Size Velvet silk quilt in the mark down bin.  I ended up paying 45.00 for it.  A steal of a deal!  It was one of those things that I thought I could find a good use for it.  That somehow it would fit my Queen size bed.  Well it didn’t and clashed with the color of my bedroom.  So I thought.. Maybe I could sell it on eBay?  It’s price was listing at 365.00 in the catalog.  Needless to say, I’m making quite the profit on it.  Auction ends tomorrow. 

Monday after Engage Dave and I sat and had some good discussion about things.  That normally happens after Engage.  Just talking about how I want to do more to help people but don’t know how.  I wish Dave and I were in a financial position to give more than we receive but we just are not.  We just don’t have all this money floating around.  We do what we can with what the Lord has given us.  It was good discussion on our mission in life… if we were to check out of here tomorrow what would we be disappointed in that we did not do?  At what point do you not get everything you want but still not live a nomad life with nothing etc.  Good and interesting for sure.  Sometimes I think we need to downsize our home or not make purchases for stuff we have etc.. but then I get perspective and as we process our journey I’m realizing for us it’s not wrong to have things and celebrate the richness and blessings of life but at the same time we want to sacrifice just as much.  A beautiful balance to dance in.  For instance when Emma turns 13 my husband.. “his idea” wants to have a lavish party Emma’s  honor.  Extravagant….over the top.  And then the next day he wants to leave the country and take her on a missions trip with him.  He wants her to see in a weeks time the freedom to celebrate lavishly while also seeing the reality of rich sacrifice.  Make sense?  Ok that was a total ramble for a Saturday morning.  I was talking about E-bay right?

So this week I felt prompted to tell the Lord… If you sell this quilt.. all the money… It’s yours.  And then I got Emma in on it and told her our new mission together as mother and daughter.  We love to shop together so every few weeks we are going to go on a search for items at the outlets.  Then together we are going to list them on eBay and sell them.  We are going to set up a special account in Emma’s name where we can go to the bank and deposit the profits and then best of all write checks to people that have needs.  Is that not a great idea or what?  And there is no pressure on when and how we make the money.  When it’s there we know we can give it away.  So if you ever hear of any good deals just be sure to let me know.