Please continue to pray for this family. 

2/1/08: ‘I have recieved so many emails so I cannot write to everybody.
So if it’s ok I will just write to you and you can forward on. Hunter is
now out of the ICU and is back on the 8th floor. However yesterday
moring (the channel 4 day) he woke up very very sick. He has been throwing up
about every 30 for 2 days now. Come to find out, the doctors in the ICU
never gave him any stool softeners (which I kept asking for) and now he is
severly compacted. He cannot even pass gas. Because of this he has once
again swollen up. They just put another tube up his nose down to his
stomach to help relieve the gas pressure. His white cell counts are still
to low that they cannot give enima’s (sorry about spelling). If they were
to do this he could bleed to death if he gets a tear. So im not sure what
the next step is yet.’

2/4/08: (She wants to be sure Brooke is included and mentioned regarding
the airplane challenge.) ‘This airplane thing is helping the whole family
and not just Hunter. It has been great!! He got a box from the Buffalo
Sabers yesterday (im sure you heard about it). I am in the process of
getting a web site together so I dont have to write a story 500 times.
When it is up and running I will email you the web site and you can pass it
on.’ ‘ he is starting a whole new cemo tonight and im not sure as to what
kind of complications this will bring. They did say that he will be
bloating up again, and will get blisters in his mouth, throat, and esophagus.’