I used to live in NY and this used to be my old stoping ground.  Please read about Hunter and if you have time to send a paper airplane please go ahead and do so.  Emma and I are going to talk about Hunter tonight and make a plane and put a few in the mail to him tomorrow.  This is something great you could do with your family! 

There is a young boy that goes to Fillmore Central School, his name is Hunter.
Hunter is in kindergarten.
Hunter is very sick with Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.
Hunter loves paper airplanes. Knowing how much Hunter loves airplanes his classmates’ started sending paper airplanes to him. Now Hunter has a dream to get into the Guinness book of world records for having the largest collection of paper airplanes.
For many of my friends Fillmore is their hometown – for others it isn’t but we can all still help. We can be a part of making this little boys dream come true. I am asking you to please take five minutes out of your day, make some paper airplanes and send them. This is such a simple thing that would mean so much to one little boy. If you send your paper airplanes to Hunter’s teacher she will make sure that Hunter gets them. Please send them to:

Fillmore Central School
c/o Andrea Tanner
104 W Main St
Fillmore NY 14735

I received an email earlier today with this very touching and heartbreaking message….

Just a note to everyone,
My son Hunter has been diagnosed with a rare form of non hotchkins lymphoma called Burkitts cancer. It only affects about 300 children a year. Usually between the ages of 2 and 11 and its usually boys but can effect girls also. Burkitts is one of the fastest growing tumors that we know of. He went into the hospital on a friday and the tumor was about the size of a tennis ball. By monday it was a little bigger than a cantalope. He was started on cemo and it shut down his kidneys and then his liver started failing. On Wednesday, He told me that he could not see very good and then he quit breathing. He had tubes placed down his throat, nose, arms, and toes. He has swelling of the brain due to high blood pressure. Hunter went into the hospital weighing 40 pounds and now weighs about 70 because of fluid build up. He is now stable and is in the intesive care unit at Buffalo Childrens Hospital in Buffalo, NY. Hunter is only five years old. I would just like everyone to know, that Hunter has been set up with the guiness book of world records to try to recieve the most paper airplanes. Please forward this on to everyone that you know . All you have to do is make a paper airplane and write the state or the country you are from on the wing of your plane and send it to..

Hunter Winship (The Airplane Cancer Goal)
11227 North Hill Road
Freedom, NY 14065
United States of America

Please send a paper airplane to either one of these two addresses, then please repost this as: Please Read Hunter’s Dream.
It would be amazing if enough people showed that they cared and Hunter could receive mail from all over the country or even the world.