For the past few days actually.  I am in the process of getting a letter written to send to friends and family about my trip coming up in May.  I thought a lot about Haiti at church yesterday for no apparent reason… nothing at church related to Haiti.  Adoption thoughts are still so real and present to me as I wonder if and how and the process of all that it would take.  But today as I was checking blogs and getting caught up I came across the death of Uwandi.  I read about her  last month as Jamie was in Haiti at the Rescue center we will be at in May visiting her children they are in the process of adopting.  She saw and was with Uwandi when she checked in.  See her post for her comments.  And you can see Licia’s blog about her.  If you know me at all or want to know me…. one place that has stirred my heart greatly is Haiti and the people and children who are in need of help.  It seems like such a simple solution. Food.  My freezer is packed with it and our cabinets are full but the reality is that every day there are children and people dying in poverty from the lack of food and nutrition.  It does not seem fair.  It does not seem just.  I would be lying if I sit here and say that it does not cause me to look to God and ask tough questions and wonder if He really cares about humanity.  I mean I know he does but it’s hard to stare poverty in the face and helpless children who deserve to eat and can’t help themselves.   Questions, Questions, Questions.  Sometimes things don’t seem real unless you see them let alone touch them.  So with every respect I post these pictures as a reality of the struggle for life in this world.  It is real and a reality for many people.

If you want to donate to Licia and Lori at anytime you can visit Real Hope For Haiti.  They always have needs that people can help out with.

Beautiful Uwandi…..uwandi.jpg