“Never” things about Disney:

1. Never ever pay to go to Disney when it’s in season.  It will be the biggest waste of your money and time.  ((Disney was packed.  It took forever to get anywhere.  I could not believe all the people.  Don’t ever go over the Holidays.  So not worth it.))

2. Never miss the fireworks.  They are what make Disney so magical.  ((This was the first time we did not stay for the Fireworks.  A 1 yr old in 30 degree weather does not do so well.  We were sad to not see them and it just was not the same.))

3. Never go to Disney in 50 below weather.  ((It was so cold.  We stayed bundled but I worried about the kids and their fingers!))

4. Never take children who are not at least 3 yrs of age.(( Izzie did really well but I had to carry her for most of the day and my arms and every muscle in them are shot.  Izzie refused to be held by anyone but me… a great for my ego but bad for my body problem to have.))

5. Never stand in line for anything for more than 20 minutes.  ((What kid wants to only ride 4 rides in 4 hrs?  We got in small world, the tea cups, goofy’s roller-coater, the Ariel show and the Muppet 3-D.  And folks that was all there was time for))

Despite my Never list we had a great time.  That is only because we did not pay a dime to go to Disney.  And anytime we can go and go with G-ma and G-pa is a plus.  Some great moments – Emma double promised Dave to ride Goofy’s roller-coaster and she did and loved it.  Izzie loved It’s a Small world.  And we saw the Osborn family lights at MGM and they were wonderful to see.  It was a long day but we conquered Disney/MGM  once again.  Thanks to John who made it all possible. 

Oh and the most random thing to happen to me this new year.  We are eating lunch at the place that overlooks It’s a Small world and I look in front of me and it’s my neighbor.  What are the odds?  Jason and his wife Becky were there on vacation for a week with their daughter!  It was the weirdest thing ever.  A million people and I see them!