((Dave is going to kill me for posting this picture! )))

Each year we try to make the Emma’s and now Izzie’s birthday time a very special time. When Emma was 1 we started a theme party that has us now 5 years into it. We make a really big deal out of the girls birthdays and then every other holiday is just a normal holiday.  We like it that way.

This year was the year of Tinkerbell and Pirates. Dave turned extroverted for his one time of the year role and dressed as Captain Hook and I was Wendy. Emma was Tink and Izzie was Michael. We had a great time celebrating. We lead the kids on a treasure hunt for hidden treasure buried in our neighborhood.

Emma still asks us at night how on earth that treasure got there. ((Candy Bars and fake coins! )) Oh to be young and to be in the wonderful years of anything is possible.

So Happy Birthday Emma and Izzie. You girls make our world a better place. We love you both and love living and sharing our lives with you and the others that will join this family in the future!