Blake Berg is a Creative Soul at Wayfarer where I work.  He does amazing work.  2 times now he has been featured as the weekly spot on  A very high honor for those in the design/graphic world.  Here is a latest he has designed for a Disciple Now event for a church.  If you know Wayfarer at all, you know that we do everything we can to make the best of each opportunity to meet our mission.  If that is speaking, writing, working with churches etc, The mission on Wayfarer is as follows.

Wayfarer Ministries lives to design collisions that awaken lives to rediscover Christ.Part of this poster is to help a church that the guys are speaking at to better promote the event.  We want to help them set a tone going into the event.  Blake also does videos, flyer’s, web design, etc. all based around themes that they choose.  It really makes the event more powerful and again helps Wayfarer come away accomplishing more of their calling and mission.  So thanks Blake for being so creative.  We were blessed as a staff and ministry when you heard the call to come and join the team.  Thanks for playing your part on the mission we are on!!!!