So I took a big blog break.  It was good to rest this Thanksgiving.  Here are some bullet points of the last week.

  • Dave’s family came in town.  We sure miss them.  We had a great time.
  • Emma played with Kayleigh and I never saw her!  They had a blast.  Getting older makes them have a lot more fun together.
  • Saw Enchanted with Emma and Dave.  Loved it!
  • Gained 2 pounds from all the eating.
  • Saw a video last night on Lori’s blog.  Can’t shake it.  Had a hard time going to sleep.
  • Izzie got croup!  Sounds worse than it is.  We took her to the ER on Saturday for a breathing treatment.  She is doing much better.
  • I’ve got a cold
  • Started decorating for Christmas.  Don’t want to put up a tree
  • Dave says I’m a ba humbug!
  • I hate buying things for people out of obligation. I’d much rather buy something out of need or that means something.
  • We are celebrating the girls b-days this Sunday.  Emma is way too excited.
  • I’m going to have Dave guest blog here soon to tell about his trip to Peru.  He’s still debriefing it.
  • And… I’m heading to Haiti in May.  I am really looking forward to it.  A little anxious but it’s something I’m supposed to do.  More on that later.
  • Very exciting stuff going on in our lives and we are very thankful for all we have and all the opportunities.

Hope that gets you caught up.