Thanks to everyone who sent stuff in to send with Dave and the guys for their trip to Peru.  I packed them  up on Friday.  We were able to get three very extra large duffle bags crammed full of clothes, toys, etc.  Again, thank you all (you know who you are) who felt lead to contribute.

Dave left yesterday for Lima.  We spent the weekend getting him ready.  He’s only gone for 7 days but he was getting things taken care of at the house as if he was not coming back.  What is wrong with him?  He travels all the time but I think knowing he was leaving the country made him want to get things in order.  It made me nervous to be honest!  But all is well.  They landed late last night and are in for a great week.

They are there with  Compassion.  For the next three days they will be learning all about the compassion programs in and around Lima.  We even picked up another child to sponsor.  His name is Christofer.  Dave will be meeting him on Wednesday and may even get to visit his home.  Emma and I spent two days running around to different stores getting him some fun things.  We made sure to include a soccer ball for him too.  Last night before Dave left Emma went and got her piggy bank and pulled out the only dollar bill she had in it.  She gave it to Dave and asked that he give it to Christofer.  I love those moments with Emma.  She has such a sensitive heart to other people and did that without even someone prompting her.  So hopefully Christofer will will love his new things and hopefully our family will be able to play a role in his life over the next several years.

So back to Dave.  He will be in and out of compassion projects till Wednesday and then Thursday morning will catch a flight to Cusco.  They are going to Machu Picchu for what they call a lifetime tour.  It’s one of the seven wonders of the world.  It’s great they will be able to do that while they are there.  And then back to Lima on Saturday and a flight home on Sunday. 

Please pray for their safety while they are gone.  Dave, Chris and Chad from Wayfarer, Guys from Student Life and the guys from the band SPUR58. And of course pray that they would have great opportunities to play a role in making beauty out of the many broken  people and places they will collide with this week.