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So we don’t really get into the Halloween stuff with the girls.  It just boils down to meaning that we can have fun and dress up and go get candy.  We are not trying to ignore it but we certainly don’t embrace it either.

But thinking about all the spooky things… as playhouse Disney and noggin would say…  It made me think about things that I am scared of.

My list is not long and it does not involve some imaginary monster that is coming to get me.  But I do have fears.  We all do.  So here are some of mine.

  • Being misunderstood – which happens to me a lot.  I don’t always express myself the way I am meaning to in my head. 
  • flying – I used to love flying but in college I was on a plane that hit a random air pocket.  The plane dropped, people were screaming, I thought that was it.  Till this day I can’t get over it.
  • dying – no, let me rephrase that.  Not living. – I’m not scared to die.  I know where I am heading.  However I am a person who loves life and because of that one of my biggest fears is that I would have to check out too early and miss out on what is happening. 
  • Hoping that I am raising my kids well.  Sometimes I fear that one day when they are older they will be scared by things that I was oblivious too.
  • Coming to the end and not changing the world.  Call it what you may but I really think I can have an impact in changing this world.  Big dreams I know.  But my another fear is that I won’t do it.

So those are some of mine.  What are some of your fears?