Today I listened to a talk by Erwin Mcmanus from last week. It was titled the call to an original life. It was good to do that today. Very challenging and affirming at the same time. Here are my notes on it…

Your life is a heroic tail waiting to be discovered.

So many times the language of a call only applies to speakers. Does everyone get to live an extraordinary life. Every one of us are being called out to live an original life. When you meet Jesus that call comes crashing into your soul and it’s a tragedy if you miss it.

The calls are never the same. And often the calling of God is formed on our life in the context of crisis and tragedy and hardships. (( how true is this.))

Daniel: A calling out of hardship.
Ch 1 vs 1 – There was a moment of turmoil and war and the babs came and overcame the Israelites. This pagan king takes the artifacts that belong to God and pillage it. The king ordered young men who were Israelites to be filtered into their world. They were given new names and their world was in turmoil. They went from nobility to royalty and one day they would be kings and rulers. They had power and wealth and their intently was wrapped up in this nation. Then their lives were released and they were to give up their names and take new identities. This is where we discover calling coming. There are moments in life where everything goes bad and you wonder if God is even paying attention. But what God is doing is forming your character etc. and as you want to make progress forward God wants to make progress inward.

Deborah – a calling out of necessity. God called the one who was willing to go. Judges CH 4 – She was leading Israel at the time. And she held court. She was known as a person of leadership and wisdom. Deborah knew she could do it but it was not her moment. After asking someone else to go and fight they in turn said only if she came would he. So the point made here is that sometimes the call of God is formed out of necessity because the person who is supposed to go is not willing to go.

Esther – a calling out of opportunity.
To look at your life and see what you are good at doing that only you can do. If Esther does not do this then God will raise someone else up. And who knows you have been given this position as such a time as this. God puts you at the right place at the right time so that you can have influence.

Anyway.. just some thougths on what I was challenged on. Not sure where I fall into this. Some of my calling has been out of hardships and others out of opportunity. More later