I just took Izzie to the Dr today for a check on her ears. When we were on vacation a few weeks ago, she was up screaming all night and I figured she had another one. The Dr. was hesitant to call her in an antibiotic since no one looked at her but she did if I promised to bring her in when I got back. Well I took her in today thinking she was absolutely fine. Come to find out she has double ear infections that on a scale of 1-10 are about a 9. Poor kid. And once again did I mention I had no idea? So we are now on our 7th round of antibiotics and we are getting sent to an ENT. Hopefully we’ll have tubes in the next month or so. We did this same thing with Emma and the tubes were life savers. Emma was a little older when she got them than Izzie is. I just want Izzie to feel normal. I think her normal is dealing with a lot of pain right now and being so used to it that it does not phase her anymore.
Dave is gone most of this month so I am holding down the fort. Hopefully I won’t have any rough nights ahead of me!