First camp with Dave this summer in Hilton Head

It rained one day so we made a trip to the Childrens Museum. Emma was a pirate!

Our second time back to our old alma mater. First time with our girls. PBA is where we met and both of us went to school. We have such fun memories of our time there

Dave lived with his buddies on Mango Prom. Here he is with his girls on a very famous part of his life.

In Key Largo we went to a community pool that had a waterslide and a pirate ship. Emma loved it.

Emma and Kayleigh went to the mall in Miami and visited Libby Lu. Emma dressed up as a princess and Kayleigh was a Rocker Girl.

We took a boat ride out in the ocean. Emma loves boats.

Izzie finally learned to sit up and sat up on the edge of the pool for this picture.

Me and my girls doing what I love best. Beach, pool and sun. This was on our trip at Daytona with Dave.