We are at camp this week with Dave in Daytona Beach. We are with FBC Tifton and a group of other churches with about 400 kids. We were here last year for this camp and we are back this year. It’s good to see faces from lat year. It’s always nice going back to a camp you have been at because it feels and I assume that we can have greater ministry impact since we have been on this continuing journey with them. I think Dave will be back next year too.

The other great thing about this camp is that they let Dave bring his family. That is huge for us and the girls when daddy is gone all of June and July. We really appreciate churches and groups that say bring the family along. The girls or should I say Izzie has had a much better week this week. I do have a secret weapon with me. My mom came down to camp with us to help with the girls. Emma wants to be at the beach and pool all day and Izzie can only tolerate spurts. So it has been great having another person here to help with their schedules. I’ve also been able to attend all the evening sessions with Dave. I love that. It really makes me feel a part of what God is doing this week.

The weather has been great and we are having a blast. More to come later