So I did not post last week while we were in Key Largo. Maybe because I had absolutely no time! It was our first vacation with two kids. I’m still not sure if I personally would call it a vacation. Izzie gave us a run for our money and were not sure if we’ll take her out of the house again for a while! Probably driving 12 hrs to vacate was not the smartest move on our part but we made it and had some fun times with Dave’s parents. Here is a quick run down.

12 hr trip, thank the Lord for baby einstein, beautiful home given to us by the Clark family, two lunches out at the local hang out, feeding the tarpons, two trips to the public pool which had waterslides and a pirate ship full of fun for the kids, a cancelled trip to Key West for Dave and I… too long to drive with the littl one, swimming in the ocean 7 miles off the shore, Emma and I looking at a baracooda three feet away from our feet, Emma learning to swim, snorkling at two reefs, a fun game of Uno, Key Lime margarita’s, Club Libby Lou at the Dolphin Mall in Miami, taking out kids back to the place where Dave and I first met, PBA University.