We woke up this morning to a monsoon. So weird how one day can be an incredible beach day and the next day you can’t see your hand in front of your face because the rain is not only just pouring down it is pouring sideways. Well it rained all day today. Emma was so sad and disappointed that she could not go to the beach. We found a children’s Museum and went to it this morning and then later this evening mom and I took the kids to the mall just to get out and walk around a bit. So the day worked for us even though we had to be creative in what we did. We are hoping the rain will let up just a little bit in the morning so Emma can go say goodbye to the beach.

Tonight was a good ending session with the kids this week. I’ve been able to sit in on all the evening times since my mom is here. It’s been great to hear some great teaching. I know it’s my husband and all but I always learn so much from him as he communicates Gods word. He challenged the students tonight to do something with their lives. That so many of us are afraid to take chances on our God given dreams that often we do nothing for the fear that we may fail. So we stay in neutral and end up doing nothing for the Kingdom. I find myself in that boat a lot of time personally. It’s kind of like I have two lives… the life I partner in with Dave. As a team we do live on the edge. Take big risks for hopes of big Kingdom rewards. I feel that we take what God has given us and we don’t hide it but we dare to believe that God can use us to do great things. The other life I have is the personal life of Kim who as an individual tends not to take big risks and often holds back for fear of failure or the fear of getting hurt. I was really challenged tonight to dive into my own life and find those places where I know I have more to give if I could only be brave enough to give it. Still processing all of that stuff and I always feel like I have a really hard time explaining myself so I think I will stop there. But good stuff for sure.
Sleep is calling… My alarm clock (Izzie) will be going off at about 7….
Sweet dreams to all