That is what the past few days have been. Crazy. We are in Hilton Head at a Beach Camp and I’ve got the whole family here in a hotel room. I am realizing that I am a creature of habit and when my normal routine gets thrown off I don’t recover very fast. We’ve had a great time but this Mom is tired. I woke up at 7am this morning, my normal wake up time and Izzie is calling for me and we are all in the same room. I was trying to be quite not to wake everyone else but no such luck. And the rest of the day from there has been very unplanned and crazy.

Thank the Lord in heaven above that I brought my mother along. If not I would have packed the girls up and headed home. Again, a 6 month old in a hotel room at the beach and pool is a little hard to manage. At least my 6 month old.

BUT we are together as family and that is what is most special. Yesterday we had some time to head to the north part of the Island to check out where we will be truly vacationing at the end of the summer. It looks like a great place. I will look forward to that time especially since we are leaving the kids at home. A must for every couple with kids. The best thing we have ever done is take a trip each year without the kids. It adds so much to my relationship with Dave. It’s always a blast having one on one time with him.

Oh… almost forgot…. Guess who we saw on the beach today who parked their family right behind us??? Kirk Herbstreit Dave was dying to talk to him but it was very obvious that he was trying to have family time. I thought it would be rude of us to approach him… By the end of the day he finally went over and shook his hand and told him something like… You are the reason I have reason to live 5 months out of the year” He was being sarcastic but I thought it was funny….