Yesterday we did something very last minute. The Reichleys were heading to FL to visit their family and we came up with the idea of “Hey.. maybe they can take Emma to see Dave’s family” If you know the Reichley family well, you know that nothing stresses them out. Even adding 1 more child to a van of 4 children already. They were very gracious to take Emma along. Both Reichley and Dave are from Rockledge FL.

Now let me say.. both Dave and I had very mixed emotions about sending Emma off on an 8 hr trip and us not go along. It’s wierd to wave goodbye to your kid and say see you in a few days. I love to have control over situations so it was hard for me to let go. It will be the first of many of these moments for us.

Emma.. I doubt she is missing us much at all. She LOVES her Gma and Gpa and Kayleigh and could not wait to go. I miss her terrible. And I am realizing how much of a help she is to me with Izzie. You would think having one less child around would make your life a little easier. But it’s not. I am thinking I’ve even had more to do without her here. She’ll be back Sunday and we can’t wait for her to safely return!