What do you say about the best mother ever? I know everyone feels that way about their moms or at least I hope they do. Every year at mothers day I am always reminded how fortunate I am that my mother lives 15 minutes away. It’s truly a blessing for me in my life and I can not imagine raising my family without her here and invested in us. So I thought I would honor her today by letting others know what she means to me….

It’s a great thing in life when your relationship turns a corner with your mother and you not only are her daughter but you are true bonded friends. My mother is one of my dearest friends.

Mom, because of you I can go to work part time every day knowing that my children are better kids and I am a better mother because of your investment in watching them. I could not work and live out my calling to be at Wayfarer if it was not for you.

I am proud of you for taking risks so late in life. I know it was so hard for you to leave the security of the pastorate and support dad in the secular world.

I can’t imagine going a day without having a conversation with you. I care what you think and your opinions mean the world to me

It never ceases to amaze me how much you love my children. Even though it’s your job to watch them each day, your main role of investment in their lives is playing Nana to them. You are constantly watching them for our date nights, buying them way too many things, teaching them things and helping them learn. You are creating such wonderful memories with them.

I love it that when I am sick and Dave is out of town.. you drop everything to come and be mom to me.

I love shopping with you.

So mom.. .thank you for all the tangible and intangible things you do for me and my family. I am truly blessed to have you so much a part of my life. I hope that I can be as good of a mother to my girls and you were and are to me. Thanks for showing me how to be a great mom and for lavishing constant love on me.

Happy mothers day!