Our Girls night is over and I am in a depression! We had a blast and I can’t believe it came and went so quickly. We arrived at our hotel and Courtney had already been there and set up the room with some fun surprises for us. We headed downtown greenville for the night, courtesy of Jay our transportation guy. We ate at Smoke on the Water. We had a famous drink at the Westin and then headed to the coffee underground for dessert. Then back to the hotel for sleep. Today we… slept in late! Got up and went to Mimi’s for lunch and then went and saw a movie before heading home. I am extrememly tired and am ready for bed.

I think it’s so good to have a community of girls that I have found with the Wayfarer wives and that we are real with eachother. Our journey’s through life and celebrations and stuggles have certainly brought us bonded together. There is nothing like them. I trust them, they know me and they are commited to me in frienship.

Some highlights of my time away……
For this trip Court was the master planner and I loved not knowing what was next or being the ringleader on that stuff.

I found two new drinks that I love… the Lemon Drop Martini and a Tom Collins… They were fabulous! I don’t normally go out of my usual so I was pleasantly surprised.

I loved not having to think about anyone else for 24hrs but myself

We had a time of affirmation with eachother over lunch today that was good. It’s always great to be affirmed.

So until next time ladies… Thanks for the memories and loads of fun!