What am I talking about? I am talking about rest, relaxation, great food, drinks, sleep, laughing, freedom, did I mention sleep? This Friday the girls are heading out of town for a much needed overnight girls night. I am so excited I can hardley wait. There is just something about getting away with the girls and being… well girls. Our husbands just came off of a golf trip so now it’s our turn. However we just get one night away instead of 4. What can I say.. they are hopeless without us women.

Dave is very nervous. He keeps trying to recruit my mom to help him with Izzie. One thing I keep telling him is that she, Izzie, won’t die. He is in for a tough day with her since babies are not his thing. But I appreciate his willingness to try. However I will feel better knowing mom is a call away for him. I have a sneaking suspicion that she will come and stay with him. I don’t think she thinks he can do it either… She would probably worry for Izzie the whole time. Again, my husband is an awesome dad… he just does not know how to handle the feeding schedules and diaper changes very well….

Did I mention I am excited? I am sure we are in for a wild time.