Anyone ever heard of this? I think I have it!!!! Well I know I have it because I just got back from the Dr. Today to confirm it.
Diastasis recti is a separation between the left and right side of the rectus abdominis muscle, which covers the front surface of the belly area. …

So here is my situation…
I’ve lost all my baby weight and then some… I wake up and and my belly is fine… by mid afternoon I look like I am a few months pregnant in the belly and then by bedtime I might at well be five months pregnant. It is the weirdest thing. I started researching on the Internet about possible complications 6 months after a C-section and ran across what I believe I have. When I lay on the floor and try and do a sit up you can put your hand right in the middle of my stomach and feel both sides of my muscles. It’s separated. So when I am standing up and walking around there is nothing there that is holding everything in. They say that most pregnant women get this but it goes back 6-8wks after delivery but for some reason in some woman especially those of multiple pregnancies.. it won’t go back. There are some exercises that help but for the most part it has to be corrected by surgery! And I was right. I do have it and to correct it, it would be considered cosmetic surgery which insurance does not cover. Since it’s not life threatening it’s not termed as medical.

So just add this to my list of battle wounds that I have received from having my two children. So unless I get surgery down the road everyone will probably assume I really like beer since it looks as if I have a beer belly.

I guess I would not mind as much if people were not constantly asking if I am pregnant. I may punch the next person who does. I was at Kols the other day purchasing a mattress topper for Emma’s bed. It was in a big box. When I was checking out the lady insisted that she help me carry it to my car. I refused and she kept on bothering me saying… pull up your car and I’ll put it in for you. As I left annoyed… I realized she probably thought I was pregnant and should not be carrying things.

The good news is that I am very comfortable in my skin. I love that I’ve got some curves that say… “at one point in my life I looked like a Boeing 747 and now have two beautiful girls to show for it” I have priceless flaws. In some ways as I get annoyed at my current situation, it’s a great reminder to me of the blessing God brought my way through Izzie.

So with all that said… If you see me walking by and your mind begins to wonder to places of hmmmm.. I wonder if her and Dave are expecting again? Put the thought to rest really quick! If we ever are expecting again I’ll be sure to announce it as soon as possible!