Easter Sunday….

Busy and Crazy having to get the kids fed and dressed and out the door. I am finding that I am constantly the last person that gets ready for anything.. and today the blow dryer broke…. Oh well that is life. We made it to church and then home for a big Easter dinner that I was hosting with all of my family. Good news is that I did not have to make the Turkey. My grandmother did… thank goodness. Emma loved waking up and getting some surprises from the Easter Bunny. It’s so much fun having little ones that believe in the make believe. I just now got the house picked up and am ready for some R and R. We missed having Dave’s parents here. Last year we were in Florida for Easter. I am hoping that these pictures serve as propaganda to get them up for a visit. Before you know it Izzie will be walking!

The Rhodes Family

Pics of the girls…..

Me holding Izzie in her favorite position while Sam and Emma had an Easter Egg hunt. I forgot to get their pictures!