The past 3 days have been so busy…. Is anyone else out there tired or is it just me. Izzie just went to bed and Emma is up in her room watching the Disney Princesses. Maybe she’ll fall asleep here soon too… Oh no such luck… I just heard her jumping off of her bed. So now I just need my time to sit and reflect. Dave and I just looked at each other and I asked if he was tired too? He’s whipped. He said if we were both full time stay at home parents our kids would be in trouble! I agreed. Izzie is going through this phase where she will scream her head off unless I am in the room or holding her. I am honored really but come on…. Emma and I went out to the store tonight and she screamed for an hour for Dave and as soon as I walked in the door she stopped. Oh such is life….

Wednesday night Sam had his birthday party. It was so much fun and the weather was beautiful. Thursday… well I can’t really remember what happened yesterday… except last night Dave and I thought it would be nice and relaxing to watch a movie. We rented the Good Shepherd. I was lost most of the time and still can’t understand what I watched or what happened. And we did not get it started until almost 10PM so we were up past 12… Bad mistake when we have built in alarms that beg for us to get out of bed at 7am. Today we just laid around till lunch and decided to take the girls to Chucky Cheese. We took Sam along too….. Had coupons so it made it more enjoyable… and now I just sit and am thinking about heading to bed. It feels like tomorrow should be Sunday but it’s not.

Emma as a Florida Gator Cheerleader for Sam’s Party. We are not big Gator people… Dave’s parents had given us the outfit…..

Emma, Brennan and Sam after eating cake!

Vegas AKA.. Reichley lead in the games….

Izzie being held by mom… Surprise, Surprise:)
Oh yeah.. .my husband has been on the couch for the past 2 days watching the Masters. He normally gets to go one of the days to Augusta but this year he isn’t going. He went down for a practice round on Monday so at least he was there. He’s been very fortunate for the past 5 years he has always gotten to go. Chad’s dad Jim has tickets and somehow Dave always got to go. I feel bad seeing him like a lost puppy…. but at least he’s got HD TV to watch it on… It’s as if he is there anyway! 🙂

Bed is calling….