I just love getting small glimpses of God through small pictures. This morning Emma woke up and did her usual. It’s either straight to the tub or bath. Our water bill at times takes a beating since she always has a bath before bed but equally loves one in the morning too. It’s the simple things in life that make her happy so if she loves baths and showers that much we don’t mind paying the extra dollar. This morning before she got into the shower I was watching her hug her blankets… bite her blankets…. give a big sigh before laying them in a safe dry spot on the floor. These pieces of worn Cotton serve as such a security and comfort to her. If she’s sad, upset, hurt, happy… normally the blankets are with her. It brings back such fond memories of my childhood since I was a blanky kid too. As I watched her I could not help but get a beautiful glimpse of the way I feel about the Lord…. All the things that she find in her blankets I sit and say thank you Lord that when I am sad, upset, hurt, happy… you are there for me.. I find my security in you and you alone. When all else fails you are the only one that remains tried and true.

Very simple but such a good reminder to me this morning.
Happy Tuesday to everyone.