Well… I’m not too proud of myself anymore. I have fallen off the band wagon. I have been eating everything in sight. Tonight I made a body for life chicken casserole and then our friends called and talked us into going to Pizza Inn. You would think I would be conservative with my portions…. I feel so bloated right now because I ate so much. Oh well… Isn’t that life? You’ve got ups and downs. We ran into the Parks family while we were there. Had not seen the kids or Ginger in about a year.. So Ginger if you read this.. It was nice bumping into all of you. But I will try again tomorrow to get back into the normal eating routine…..

A thought for tonight…. If your kid wants moon sand “DON”T GET IT!” It’s the biggest crock and the messiest stuff you’ll ever find. It’s sand people. We were at toys r us about a month ago and Emma saw it and asked if she could get some. I thought it would be a good idea. I had seen the commercials and it claimed to be mess free sand. I thought that was perfect. Well it’s not. I’ve attempted to throw it out twice now and Emma both times has found it in the garbage saying “Mom… don’t throw this out! ” She played with it today and I spent tonight cleaning it up… that is why I comment on it. It has this powder to it that sticks to them and it’s not for inside or outside play for that matter… At least that is my opinion.

And on opinions…. here’s the deal. I don’t expect everyone to agree with all that I say or comment about. That would be rather boring… and I don’t claim to be right in all that I say… It’s a blog people and a blog is for expressing yourself. Just had to put that disclaimer out there. My husband lead me to believe that I’m too opinionated…:)

Dave and Emma are calling me to play the princess game so I’m outta here! Poor Dave… He is such a good dad to his girls!