Woke up this morning with a heavy heart.  Haiti has been on my mind so much this week.  I often find myself during the day thinking back.  This time last year I was on a flight home from Orlando.  I had just spent the weekend with a bunch of moms and friends I had met over the past few years who were mostly all in the adoption process in Haiti.  We had gathered to run a marathon to help Heartline raise money for a much needed ambulance. It was such a good weekend all around.  Kristen Howerton from Rage Against the Minivan just wrote a post about our time together.  If you read blogs I encourage you to add her to your list.  She’s a wonderful person and has had some amazing traction with her blog this year and her writing skills and encouragement and effort….well I  keep reading everyday.  She posted some picts of our race that I hope she does not mind me sharing here with you…. 

Here we are the night before the race picking up our race packets. 


It was SO COLD the morning of race day.  We wrapped ourselves in garbage bags!


Kristen and I ran the half marathon and we celebrated our win together at mile 13.1!


We were all able to celebrate as each person crossed the finish line for the marathon.  I was so proud to be a part of this group of people.


So yes this time last year I was on a flight back to Greenville.  I was a bit sad as well.  Tara, Kristen, and Erin were all heading the same day to Haiti.  Tara to head back to her family waiting for her and Kristen and Erin were heading there to visit their boys their families were in the process of adopting.  I was sad I was not going as well to see Frankie but thankful they were going to give him some hugs and love for me.

The following morning I would wake up to celebrate my34th birthday and by 5PM with Dave on his way home from work and me getting ready to head out for a birthday dinner news came.  Devastating news.  A major earthquake just his PAP Haiti.  And in that moment of news my heart shattered for my son, my friends, Heartline Ministries, and for the people of Haiti.  How on earth could this have happened….my world went into a blur…..