Still no word on the “where” the couple from the message in the bottle were from.  They left an email address and we have not heard anything.  I promise I’ll let you know if I do.

I’ve been a bit sad this past week. Kind of in a fog.  I love to have roots and a daily routine.  Nothing about the past few months have been routine.  It’s been a continuing season of change.  But very good change.  It’s very odd to pack up just your clothes and move into a place of someone elses stuff and then wake up the next day, begin a new adventure and find new normals.  I’ve discovered it’s been super easy to  leave our physical possessions and stuff and live off someone elses.  It’s been hard to find a new normal routine. And pretty tiring to be the full time care giver to my very energetic 3 year old twins while still working from “home” and logging working hours.  It’s very doable but I’d much rather have that work time out of the house. It’s just how I roll. Although rested. I’m so tired.

I’ve tried many times to sit down and blog about our time.  And I sit with a heart filled with treasure but a blank page looking back at me from a computer screen. I have no way to capture our time. And I think that in itself explains it all.  It can’t be captured.  I do hope one day to somehow find a way to share it.  It’ s been too good not to try at some point. Share more of our ministry journey and open up my personal life more in order to encourage others. I’m still just not sure how to do that.

Pawleys is truly a place of retreat.  And in that retreat I think both Dave and I have been stretched, blessed, encouraged, poured out, accepted, motivated, challenged, inspired and I can go on and on.  It’s been nothing less than a “message in a bottle found” experience. We have met some incredible people.  Some it feels we have known already for years.  We have missed our team and family in Greenville immensely in the process.  They all have been so supportive of our time away and so encouraging as we have had opportunity to share each step of our journey with them.  And now the day is approaching.  In two weeks we will pack up the same clothes and say  goodbye to a place that has become home.

Can a heart be in two places?  I think it’s very possible.  I don’t think for longevity it can survive for long periods in that state, but for seasons, it can be.