Today is Izzie’s 4th Birthday.  She was born on 11/11 at 11:55 PM BUT her birth certificate says she was born on 11/12 (the hospital submitted it wrong, and I’ve yet to get that fixed) and we are celebrating her birthday next week when my parents are in town.  This equals one confused mom and child.  Emma woke up saying happy birthday so we are going with it.  A bit confusing for a 4 year old when her party is in a week. (Thanks Emma!)  But look at this sweet 4 year old.  I love her to bits.  She’s VERY FUNNY.  SPUNKY. DID I SAY FUNNY?  She makes us laugh ALL THE TIME.  We named her well!  Izzie means laughter.

A year after her birth I blogged about the journey and struggles of dealing with infertility and heart desires and healing struggles.  I just read back to that time and have wiped  few tears remembering the journey.  I don’t ever foreget.  I look each day at Izzie, My laughter and am always reminded of the beauty that came from a broken time.  I also look at Frankie and realize his presence in our family was also birthed out of that time.  If you are new to know me and want to know more about me, it’s a long post but one that has defined a lot of who I am today.

Just a little walk back down memory lane.  Enjoy!

Izzie when she was born:

izzie here 2

Turning 1

Turning 2


Turning 3

Izzie 3