Emma brought home a beautiful self portrait today. 

I think she may have a little bit of artistic ability in her. I love that she loves to draw.

She’s been a trooper on this little journey we are on.  So much has changed in her world in the past 8 weeks.  And of course she has done so well but wanted to ask her a few questions.  I did not edit her and typed exactly what she said.

What are three things you like most about being in Pawleys on our time here? Going to putt putt with my dad, going out to eat mexican and that I’m making new friends. Oh and the beach.  I thought I was missing something.  That makes four.

What is your favorite thing about your new school?  Nothing.  I’m just kidding.  All my friends and Recess.

What has been one thing that has been hard for you?  I really miss my friends back home.

What is your favorite Color?  Green (I guess you can tell)

Tell me one thing you think God is teaching you while we have been here? It’s always good to try something new.  Never give up when you have not even tried.

Tell me why you think your mom is the best mom in the world?  Come on! When she makes us dinner and her and I just have time to ourselves.  No little kids

Emma asked when she can start her own blog.  I said when she can learn how to type!