We arrived.  The kids played on the beach for 2 hrs last evening and we had to tell them we needed to go in.  FIRST time since having children that Dave and I sat on a towel and talked while the kids did their own thing.  They are becoming so independent.  A phase for now that we gladly welcome. 

Nana brought out a surprise for all the kids this morning.  Rolling carriers for their animals she has given them through the years.  Brilliant.  We now have a consistent amount of laughs and this noise like a train is about to come through the wall.  BUT they are happy.


And then Izzie insisted on a silly picture too…

And my sweet dad.  I think my favorite part of vacation each year is watching him enjoy it.  He works so hard.  This truly is a time fo rest for him.

Frankie just ate his first fresh krispey creme donut and loved it. Glad we have lots of beach running to do today..

Thankful for Family and time with them.  Looking forward to morning devotions with everyone!